Last weekend I was on a tour to Vienna. I happened to trek through Olfen Lobau area of the Danube. It was a regular cyclist path but also a nudist area. There were hoards of nudists of all ages having fun. No one was conscious about his/her nudity and looked happy and relaxed. At that time I thought that Naturism is a healthy activity and not a taboo. It should be accepted within families and in the society. There would be an acceptance of the human body and this could be mentally and spiritually uplifting as we would be close to our natural self. However at other times I think that Nudism is the result of the psycho sexual problems of people.

I just wonder how many among you support nudism?
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I am a new comer,and there are so advanced point,Nudism is one. I am not sure there are the other life when we dieing,but I wanna take good care of this life,including my body,so somedays before,I planed to take some nudism picture,and these days,I prepared for this.and I think the day will come in one future day,I would record my youth in the it excited? Do you agree?
Hi Guest (LXL),

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I read your post. Let me see if I properly understood you.

Nudism is an important topic. You are not sure if there is an afterlife, so you want to make the most of this life. As part of making the most of this life, you want to remember how you looked when you were young and vibrant as you are now. So soon you want to take a picture of your nude body so that you will always remember how you looked as you age. You now want to know if this project of yours is exciting?

Did I understand you properly? Your grammar in your original post needs a bit of work. So if I understood you properly, you can see how I worded your same message.

Hope this helps.

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We really do have people in this world that are not right!!!!!!!

Wanting your cake and eating it to??? Nooooooooot, I'm trying to figure out the first 2 replys and where they got their reasoning on the question.


How is their reasoning any better or worse than yours?

When you answer, please continue to keep the language clean. This topic could easily slide off into an inappropriate area.

Sorry about that MountainHiker.
I am not saying wheither I am right or wrong on this, but when Santa said something. I believe it depends on where you live perhaps. I don't think anything good could come out it by walking around nude no matter where you live.

moderator (MountainHiker):
Lilbit, you have to learn to be tolerant of others. Others may have dramatically different outlooks on life in than you do. You can NOT ascribe to them deviant or defamatory adjectives. Whether you or I agree with their position is irrelevant as far as deviant or defamatory adjectives are concerned. If you disagree, you may argue your position in a polite and positive fashion.
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Yes sir, I'm sorry sir. But I am positively sure I don't agree with nudity. Emotion: smile

Your opposition to nudity has been duly noted. Emotion: wink

Anyone who enjoys the human form would love the beaches in Sydney!

On most beaches the middle is for families, but at either end it's usually O.K. to "get your gear off".

Of course sunburn can be a bit of a problem! Emotion: smile
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