I wonder if anyone can tell me about the correct way of reading the following numbers:




Shall we use AND between each section?
1 2
One million nine hundren fifty two thousand two hundren fifty eight.

Two thousand five hundred sixty three.

One hundred fifty six.
one million nine hundred fifty two thousand two hundred fifty eight

two thousand five hundred sixty three

one hundred fifty six

The correct way to pose your question is:

Should we use "and" between each section?

Please clarify what you mean by the term "section".

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He meant groups of figures I suppose.

PS . Your answer is identical to mine. Emotion: big smile
not exactly identical, I'm afraid....Emotion: smile

I was wondering if he meant using "and" when saying something like one hundred and fifty eight

But, I don't want to confuse anybody. "And" would be incorrect .



First of all I have to thank you because of your clear answer. After that I have to say I mean between numbers by section. E.g between million and thousand and ...
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You're welcome, imantaghavi.

No - it would be incorrect to use "and" within the series of numbers.

I have, however, heard "and" used when speaking about money (but only to distinguish between the basic unit and its fraction). For example: Two hundred fifty six dollars and thirty seven cents.

Hope this helps,

JohnParisnot exactly identical, I'm afraid..
Gosh. I mistyped two letters. And, of course, I`m not moderating.
Thank you John. It helped me so much.
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