Is nurse practitioner a nurse or a doctor?Could you explain what is the difference between a nurse and a nurse practitioner?
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Hello Antonia! Nurse practitioners are founded between nurses and doctors. On the one hand a nurse practitioner has much possibilities than a simple nurse, but still not a doctor. In some languages (e.g. in German) it called "feldscher" - German spelling.

You can find more iformation here: http://www.ecommunity.com/nursing/apn.asp
Hi Antonia,

Basil is on the right lines. A nurse practitioner is a qualified nurse who has taken extra training in a specialist field and is registered to prescribe some medications from an authorised list, order certains tests and examinations etc.
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Thanks to you both
So, it's sth like a senior nurse?
No, not really, Antonia - in Br.E you can be a "senior nurse" without being a nurse practioner. "Senior nurse" relates more to management training (at least in Br E). I suppose a loose translation of "nurse practitioner" might be "nurse paramedic" - although so far as I know this position does not actually exist.
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I, see. Thank you
Dear Antonia,
Nurse practiitiner, is not a doctor, but he is a qualified nurse, and having some special certficates(BCLS, ACLS, ETC). He is having permissions to treat the patients in crtical situations. Mainly nurse practitioner are working in Emergency Department ( Ambulance ), Remote area clinics and Industries. He is a First responder in Medical department to give First Aid to the victims.
I suppose it depends where you live, kulal
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