Recently I did an exercise where I had to listen to five short extracts in which people were talking about tourism and then choose each speaker’s occupation. The problem was that I didn’t know few professions at all:

1) Tourist board representative

2) Manager of a tourist attraction

I can not think of any their analogues in my country, may be we just don’t have them.

Could you please tell me what these people do and who pays them: government, some sort of tourist organizations, travel agencies or tourists? I googled, but it didn’t help. I’ll be grateful if someone can cast light on it.
1) Tourist board representative-- paid or unpaid. A tourist board can be government-operated, or it can be a non-profit cooperative organization of local tourist businesses.

2) Manager of a tourist attraction-- This is just what it says: the manager of an amusement park or zoo or theatre or whatever attracts tourists. The manager's salary is paid by the owner; it may be privately owned or government-owned.
Thank you for your explanation, Mr. Micawber. Now I see the difference and the key words to which I had to pay attention.

(We do have a zoo, theatres and amusement parks, but I doubt if they have an individual person who do the job… Maybe because we don’t have many tourists, as well as non-profit non-governmental organizations)