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Only pakistani candidate can appear on every year. There would be 1000 PKR fees for appearing in such exams.
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Ruth McEwanHiI'm a teacher of migrants to Australia and so am pretty familiar with the OET. I've also attended a workshop on it. I've trained doctors and nurses from overseas in preparation for their English test in order to practice in the health industry here.The OET is becoming more and more trusted in Australia. there are 2 other options - IELTS and ISLPR. The IELTS score for nursing even is very high - 7.5. I had a German paedeatric nurse who had already been nursing in a reputable London hospital for 2 years who was struggling to get the IELTS score. I suggested she take the ISLPR as it is the most communicative and natural face to face test or English proficiency and of course the assessor makes sure that the texts used in the test are industry specific.But, in short, the OET is most in use for doctors, and becoming more and more accepted. You can reply with more questions if you likeKind regards
hi ruth,
which do you think is more esier, i took ielts twice but i always failed my writing, by the way I am a nurse, thanks!

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is there any chances for OET in uk
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Hi Maduresh,

Could you please send me OET materials to my ID please? Really appreciate your help.

Thank you,
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me to can i have some oet materials?
thanks my email is on my profile thanks

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hi do u ve past recalls of OET exam please do mail me ?thnx for your help.
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Pleas send me . Contact information has been deleted. Feel free to register and list it in your personal profile.
hi, Ruth,
I am studying nursing in Australia but I need to do oet test to get the registeration. I am living in Punjab (India). I really want to get some guidance for the preparation of this test. also want to get some information where to buy the material related to oet. thanks in advance.
AnonymousHello my name is Fransiska Hutahaean, I am a medical doctor and sat OET last March in Melbourne.My experience is I have difficulty in finding OET stuff apart from what I can bought from OET CAE. Because of that, I tried to create a blog that contains my OET stuff. Writing that I wrote and corrected by my friends ( 2 of them are English teachers ) and speaking phrases which I wrote based on my practice with my friends in Launceston ( we don't have a course for OET in my town ).So, if you want to browse my blog, probably you can find some resources that may help you, I will write the blog regularly until I have no materials to write.Here is my blog address :
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