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Dear all
I've just put a whole heap of info on the OET on my previous post, but I also wanted to add this important information for nurses:-
Here in Queensland, Australia, there are 3 choices for NESB-
1. OET
2. IELTS - you need a score of 7.5, which seems unattainable for some - I had a German student who had already nursed in a paedeatric ward in London for 2 years and whose spoken English was fluent, and whose health and nursing vocabulary was that of British nurses obviously, but who took a long time to prepare for her IELTS test.
3. ISLPR - International second Language Proficiency Rating - this test is becoming more popular as it tests only on authentic texts and gives the candidates an opportunity to give most responses verbally - so a lot more natural and real, but of course more open to interpretation. It's used for teachers and police extensively now in Queensland, and for nurses in New South Wales - Sydney capital. http://www.islpr.org /
I hope this helps some of you.
As stated in my last post, email me directly if you need more personalised info/help
Kind regards
Hello my name is Fransiska Hutahaean, I am a medical doctor and sat OET last March in Melbourne.My experience is I have difficulty in finding OET stuff apart from what I can bought from OET CAE.

Because of that, I tried to create a blog that contains my OET stuff. Writing that I wrote and corrected by my friends ( 2 of them are English teachers ) and speaking phrases which I wrote based on my practice with my friends in Launceston ( we don't have a course for OET in my town ).

So, if you want to browse my blog, probably you can find some resources that may help you, I will write the blog regularly until I have no materials to write.

Here is my blog address : <removed; please register and add it to your profile>
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i am jenny. i am interesting on OET exams. does anyone know review center of OET in the philippine? i really do appreciate if there is.thank you in advance. have nice day, and goodluck to the OET preparations. ^^
hai i am ravi. is anyone in the UK who is preparing for OET.
Try out our live chat room.
 Hi i also want to take this exam ASAP but i don't know where it is held in Iran, any helps?
Hi to all,

I like to know about Grade system of OET exam I just heard about 'A' and 'B' . I don't know how they consider it and is there any other grade like C or D ?

Grades are A, B, C, D.
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Hi! I'm a nurse from China. I would like to ask whether the e-course in Victoria University is worth to join?

http://www.staff.vu.edu.au/oet /

As there are no courses provided here, and i just got the sample papers.

Or are there any other courses (e-learning) that you recommend?

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