Occupitional English Exam ( OET )

I just want to know if anyone had admitted to this exam as to gather some information about it.
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I must admit I don't know about OET, but we teach EOP here and have designed our own tests.
If you would like to take a look at our objectives and a sample interview, plus an informal article I wrote on the topic, I must warn you I'll be away for the rest of the week.
I would like to attend OET Exam, I want more details from you.
I need to go New zeland

My provition Electrician
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Hi Saju,
I am from NZ (though I live in Chile) and we have a lot of contact with people wanting to go there (normally to University).
The IELTS has more weight in New Zealand. The OET is not too common or well known.
If you are intending on immigrating to NZ, they require the IELTS General Training test. For further study, the IELTS Academic test. It's what the government requires.

if anyone has sample papers of the OET exams please post a link or information on here

help is much appreciated.
when and where is the next OET test would be held in Auckland,New Zealand.
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I want to take OET. Can anyone give me some information where I can buy he OET study materials (like books, CD) to prepare for the test.
I am also interested to find out about "OET" exam. I am a nurse and feel this test would be more appropriate for professionals rather than IELTS.

I live in New Zealand and where do you live?

I presume that you all have found the [url="http://www.cae.edu.au/OET/"]OET WEBSITE[/url].
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