Please forward the occupiers' details for staff accommodation.

Please forward the occupancy details for staff accommodation.

Which sentence is grammatically correct?

anonymousWhich sentence is grammatically correct?

Both are grammatically correct, but they do not make sense.

Occupiers are protestors who are sitting a place they do not belong, blocking other people. It is also a legal term.

Occupancy is a number - total number of people that are allowed in a space.

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Thank you.

Please tell me which is the suitable word I should use for this sentence?

What exactly are you asking for?

Thank you.

I have tried to reword the sentence. Please tell me if it is grammatically correct and natural.

Pleaae forward the updated details of the staff occupied in the staff accommodation.

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This is my best guess:

Please forward me the updated names, addresses and phone numbers of the employees who are living in company-provided housing.