Hi everybody, I´m for the first time here, so exuse my mistakes and ignorantness.. I have a homework to odd-one-out from (of?) these words:

all right fine Ok very well why not? I do not know what´s the differences. Each word is agreement..or not? Thx for help Lucienne

yes you are right, all of these can mean you agree with someone.

But what if it were a different sort of question? If I asked 'How do you feel today?' then there is an odd one out - can you see it?
Oh, I can see it.. it´s fine.. (I hope) but when I have to explain why is fine the odd-one-out..what should I say? Thx a lot..
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No the odd one out is not fine.

If a doctor said to you 'how are you today?' you could answer 'fine'.

Would you say 'why not?'
I got it.. Emotion: smile thank you..
I see I am not the only Czech struggling here with English. Hopefully, with the kind assistance from EnglishForward, we can substantially raise the intellectual level of our country.
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Yeah, that´s true.. I am studying English to be an English teacher, but with no possibility to use it in foreign country it is hard to understand all the grammar and various phrases using. I hope it will be better in future.. And I´m very happy that I´ve found this superb web site. Thx