Could anyone help me getting OET coaching or materials online or any helpful link regarding this would be highly appreciated.
Please forward me links on my mail <removed by mod.>

Thanks in advance

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could you please forward the helpful link to me please as I am also going to give OET soon.

Thank you

I am a dental hygienist in Australia and offer speaking and writing courses to Dentists wishing to prepare for the OET in Dentistry.

If you are interested you can view my profile (leem72) which has more info and my contact details.

Regards, Lee
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hi have u get material?i also want reading and listening material...if u get can u share with me?thanks
dear lee
i am a dentist from sri lanka, i want to do oet. please help me.
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Hi Anon,

As you can see from my profile, I do offer tuition for dentists wishing to prepare for the OET exams.

Can you please write directly to me at my email address (it's located on my profile page) telling me about which areas you are interested in mainly. I can offer original writing tasks, with corrections, feedback, guidance and support.

There are also options for speaking on Skype to improve your speaking skills and I also can help with reading tasks.

I am happy to give you a quote on the cost of the courses I offer. Please send me some more information about your needs and I'll reply directly to you.

Best wishes,

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any one tell me what is passing criteria of OET for Nurses?
Hi Anon,

There is an OET website which gives detailed information on the criteria you need to meet to pass the OET. There are 4 sub-test to pass. These are reading, writing, speaking and listening. You must pass all 4 tests at the one time, otherwise you must retake all again.

I offer tuition and have further information if you need.
My email address is on my profile page.

I hope this helps.



I am sorry i forgot something about my self. my name is Vicky, I am dental hygiene student as well

Kind Regards

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