Good evening!

"Of no time can we say actors are better actors because the culture in which they live invents---"

This is all I have.
I have two ideas about the sentence.
We can say of no time---
We can say actors of no time---

I researched it using Google, but could not draw a clear conclusion.
I found some usage of "I can say in no time" or "I can say at no time," but no quotes of "of no time."
There is none of "actors of no time," but there are many of "actors of our time" or "actors of all time."

I tend to interpret this as "we can say of no time," though I did not find any example.
I mean something like this; I can never say that actors become better ones because of the culture.

I would really appreciate your advice.
A confusing phrase. I would interpret as meaning,

There is no era during which actors have greater skills because their culture invents...
Dear nona the brit :

Thank you very much for your kind reply.

Now what it means is clear, but I'd like to confirm my interpretation using a closer sentence to the original.

We cannot say actors of a certain time is better than actors of the other time---.