____ all the athletes, she was the youngest in the last National Games.

Which word ( "of" or "among" ) is fit for the blank?
Personally, I would choose "of"; however, "among" would be completely acceptable as well.
Hi Hly,

The proper fit is 'of' but I am not sure if I can explain why...let me give it a go.

Perhaps because I think a more thorough sentence would be:
Out of all the athletes, she was the youngest at the last National Games. Here you are highlighting out of many, you are the one.

'Among' connotes that you are in the same level as others, that you are one of many.
Ex: She was among the youngest group of atheletes at the last National Games.
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I prefer "of",it's a small word instead of a big one.

but I don't think it 's convincing at all.
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Hly look at my previous post...I was editing it when you posted your 2nd reply.
To Danyoo

I see what you mean,and agree with you.


Among all the people,only two have passed the exam.

= only two out of all the people have passed the exam.

Of all the people,he is the youngest= he is the yongest of all .

Thanks a million!