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How would you explain the difference between these two sentences?

I'm thinking about John.

I'm thinking of John.

I'm teaching prepositions next week, which I have no problem with, but I would like other opinions about the difference between 'of' and 'about'.


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There's not a lot of difference. Here are a few thoughts.

thinking of you Sounds more precise, Your thoughts sound more focused. It can also express more affection.,

Thinking about you has fewer of these nuances.



The two given sentences have essentially the same meaning: the speaker's thoughts are focused on the individual named John. The difference, if any, is very slight: "of" would generally imply a more intimate mental connection. For example:

A: What's wrong Jennifer? You've been moping about all day long.

B: I'm thinking about John.

C: What's wrong Sarah? You've got that faraway look in your eyes.

D: I'm thinking of John.

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Thanks, Clive. That makes sense. Emotion: smile

O.K, that makes sense too.

Maybe the use of 'about' could be considered more universal in use, meaning thoughts of inanimate objects versus animate.

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