I'd like to live in a house which has master bedroom off bedrooms.

What does 'off' mean?


It sounds to me like you must be referring to a 'master bathroom', which is normally 'off', or 'adjoining', the 'master bedroom'. The master bedroom is not necessarily 'off' the other [smaller] bedrooms. It is the largest bedroom in the house for the 'master' of the house and the master bathroom is an adjacent room connected to the master bedroom, generally for use only by the 'master' [and 'mistress'] (translation: father and mother) of the family.

See floor plan picture here.


No, "off" in this context means "adjacent", "connecting with".

Look here.

The master bedroom is directly connected to the bathroom and the closet.

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Yes, your quotation seems a little odd, MTL-- could you check it against the original, please?
I might quote it wrong. It's part of conversation on a TV show.

That's why I didn't put a quatation marks there.

Probably, it would go like this, "I'd like to live a house which has a master bathroom off the bedroom (master?)."

So, off means detached, separated or not adjacent right?

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