Is there anyone out there who uses 'off of?'

Take the sentence, "I can't take my eyes off of you," for example.
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Yes I use 'off of.' Not all the time but i do use it.
Well i have never used it.coz it sounds wrong to me ,Is it wrong or not?
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I think the 'of' is unnecessary.
Likewise, I would say: I can't take you off my mind, or I got his picture off the Internet. I would say these could be confused with "of" preposition. I would also say they are part of the verb, not prepositions. Off in the above example already implies the "of" preposition in its meaning so we wouldn't be needing another "of". (i)
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perhaps, but MANY native speakers use it. maybe it is a hypercorrection, but "off of" often means "from"

i cannot turn my eyes away from her

i obtained the information from the internet
According to this website, using "off of" is incorrect. http://www.grammarbook.com/grammar/probPrep.asp
Step off the chair.
Step off of the chair.

Come out the house.
Come out of the house.

I prefer using "of."
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