who can tell me the meaning of office boys, i need some specific and detailed meaning. thank u !
by the way, has anyone read "sorrows of the millionaire"?
Office boys as far as I know, are simply low-paid assistants in an office, delivering the mail, running errands, distributing stationery, etc., etc.

Haven't read the book, sorry.
really thank you for your help!
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Office boys is not a phrase I am used to hearing.

Office junior would seem to be the (unisex) version used in Britain.
Does anyone remember Jimmy Olsen's job title in Superman? Isn't he an 'office boy'? (Admittedly a US comic, Nona, but your post just brought this to mind, for some reason.)

Japan, of course, has 'O.L.s'-- 'office ladies'.
but i think that OL now is not only used in Japan ,but used in everywhere.
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Jimmy Olsen was not an office boy. He was consistently referred to in the comic books and televison show of the 1950s as a "cub reporter." "Cub" refers, of course, to the young of many animals, as in "bear cub."

Hello jj

Especially before the 1950s, 'office boys' were often just that: boys of 14
or 15 who worked in offices. As well as lighting office fires, running errands,
collecting the post etc., they took messages between employees, and so
acted as a kind of primitive e-mail system. In Melville's 'Bartleby', for
instance, the 'office boy' is sent out every day to buy ginger nuts.

If they weren't able to do anything else, they remained 'office
boys' into their twenties and beyond.

Personally, I would not care to work among 14- or 15-year-old
boys. Sometimes they don't smell so good.

i have learnt a lot from the definitions you all gave me. now i think i have been clear of the meaning of the word. thank u all!
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