I'm a 15 year old, female debater at my local high school, and the new TTD topic is:
My partner and I have found a ton of information in affirmation of the topic, but lack info negating the topic. If you have any information that says we should not have an official language of the United States, please post it or send it to Email Removed

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?? I thought English IS the official language in the US, is it not???
Indeed, English is not the official language of the US because it does not appear in the Constitution of the US
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Really??? WOW - I'd never ever have assumed that. That's really interesting!!

But can you tell me please what language(s) is/are the official language(s) of the US?
Follows the old saying, you learn something new every day! I am another who didn't know that one.

I'm still not convinced though as all of US government are English speaking aren't they?
Neither am I really convinced of it...

I got really interested in this topic now, does anyone have more information about this??!!
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Ha thats the same thing I am doing.
I started out being really for the neg side, but after looking through article after article with aff I'm stumped and now siding with them.
I don't think a language has to be stipulated in the American constitution for it to be official. Neither does a measurement system.
I could be wrong though (often am).
Any lawyers out there? What happens if someone walks into court in an English speaking country and tries to argue a case in Spanish?
If one doesn't speak the official language an interpreter is brought in.
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