Dear City Life

I hereby inform you that the problem is solved now and I have no complaint regarding this from my side. I will visit in your store on next sale, and will ensure that I get what I like thank you.

Please check this mail whether there are any grammatical mistakes or not. The purpose is to have you checked my mail is it's an official mail that's why.

Liton Dasofficial mail

If it's official you don't want to start chatting about complaints you might have had or how you're waiting for a sale. Letters with that sort of content are not official.

From what you have, it seems they fixed something for you. That means they deserve a "thank you". This is all you need:

The problem is solved now. Thank you.
I look forward to visiting your store in the future.



Here's another small comment.

If you send it via your computer, it's an email.

If you write your message on a piece of paper and put in an envelope, it's a letter. Not a mail. Mail is a collective word that, in in simple terms, refers to all the things that are sent or delivered by he Post Office,


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Thank you it's become more simpler for me.

But what should I say in a grammatical manner.

I will visit your store on next sale or at next sale.

I know this sounds like a lot of words, but most people say this:

I'll visit your store the next time you have a sale.


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On next sale? Does it sound grammatically wrong?
Liton Das On next sale? Does it sound grammatically wrong?

Yes, it does.

At the very least, you need "at the next sale", but even that doesn't sound as natural as the sentence I already gave you above.


Oh I thought we use at for a specific location or place. What if I said

On the day of next sale.

We usually say at the wedding and on the day of wedding as well.

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Liton DasOn the day of next sale.

OK. That's good.


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