First of all i would like to understand the difference b/w often and oftenly.

Check these sentences.

I go to school often. or I go to school oftenly.

I oftenly go to school. or I often go to school.

I go oftenly to school. or I go often to school.
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Right. And I'm the King of Spain.

Please forgive my lack of respect in the past, Su Majestad,
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fivejedjonPlease forgive my lack of respect in the past, Su Majestad,
No te preocupes. Siempre les perdono a mis súbditos leales. Emotion: smile

I have been taught of the word "oftenly" in school and growing up as a kid. As in the text below;

(comparative more oftenly, superlative most oftenly)

Read more at http://www.yourdictionary.com/oftenly#vILWzx0RhY8Lihju.99

"Oftenly" is a word, in fact. But is the wrong word.

"Oft" is archaic - literary "Often". "Often" is an adverb and means 'frequently'; 'in many cases';

( again an again, all the time, commonly, constantly, continualy, generally, habitually, many times, regularly, repeatedly, time after time, time and again, usually)

In North America - "oftentimes".

Font: "Oxford Paperback Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Wordpower Guide"

Fernando C. Lopes

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Leaders of a tribe are oftenly men
anonymous Leaders of a tribe are oftenly often men.


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