First of all i would like to understand the difference b/w often and oftenly.

Check these sentences.

I go to school often. or I go to school oftenly.

I oftenly go to school. or I often go to school.

I go oftenly to school. or I go often to school.
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It has an entry in the OED calling it "Now US regional (rare)." It no doubt owes it presence there to its antiquity, the first citation being from a million years ago, and not to its currency or correctness. It is patent illiterate hypercorrection outside of whatever pockets of dialect it might live in. I've never heard it.

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Wiki dictionary has the word "oftenly".However, I remember my primary school teacher used to insist that the word doesn't exist. I'm now confused.

I assumed it

Oftenly isn't a word. So the sentences where it's used are erroneous.
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