I like writing commercial letters but I am always doubting about personal ones. I would like to write a letter to an old friend of mine whom I haven't seen for a long time. I liked him a lot and I think he enjoyed being with me as well. However, I feel too shy, but I would love to see him again. I would like to write a special letter but I wouldn't want to oblige him. What do you reckon I should say? I am terribly shy as far as personal matters are concerned! Thanks in advance. Cheers!
Dear Maj,
Not knowing ANYTHING about your relationship with your friend OR your friend himself, it's may be just a little bit difficult for anyone to help you with this 'project'.
Can I suggest you type something ... ANYTHING, and then submit it here for comment?

Good luck Emotion: smile
Mike, please help me, didn't I say enough ... Emotion: embarrassed ? What if he refuses? Emotion: crying Come on, you are a guy. What would you like to hear? If you give me some hints I promise I'll work hard to make this project a big success. Lol. :&
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Ok Maj,

You asked for it;

My dearest ***, please help me, didn't I say enough ... ? What if you refuse me? Come on, you are a guy. What would you like to hear? If you give me some hints I promise I'll work hard to make our love a big success. I'll even send you the photos from our romp on the beach in California, and I will never ask you to wear a Lone Ranger mask again.
Lol. :&
Dear Mr Concerned,

Please excuse my delay in answering your letter, but this has been one of those busy, hectic periods beset with all kinds of problems and fears.

I made a terrible error in not putting myself together before saying all those words that may have caused some delay in our hearts.

I admit I consumed too much of that delicious punch and lost control, but rest assured it will not happen again. I am old school but I realize that at home or at the office it's men who keep us women on the right track.

I don't give a damn about the chest of drawers. I couldn't bother less.

My face is red of so much crying over spilt milk because of my stupid errors.

I really appreciate your invitation to dinner on July 15th but I was so confused that I didn't know you had another engagement on that date.

I offer my personal hug and trust you will give us another one. I look forward to seeing you personally the next time you kiss me. I will see to it that you are taken care of to your satisfaction and ,incidentally, to mine as well.

I just want to say that our relationship has been very pleasant and I would feel very hurt if through some fault of ours that relationship were changed in any way.


Lauren Bacall.

Mike, it has taken me ages to write this love letter. As you may see I have been working really hard. Could you have a quick glance and say what you think? It's full of feelings. Looking forward to your comments. Thanks in advance.