Hi, everyone.

I can't seem to find all my old posts. Only the last 10 posts are visible. What could be the problem? Could someone fix this?


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Could someone help me with this problem?

When I visit your profile I can see a long list of your posts:

What do you see?

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I can also see them but as a long list of notifications. I can't find a specific old post through search box.

We've been having some problems with Search lately, and the engineer hasn't yet figured out what's causing them.

I found some of yours from 2011 earlier today. One of them was on what begging the question is, for reference.
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Is there a way to search one's posts in a specific time period, BJ? For example, I need to find some of my posts in Sep., 2015, but it's very demanding to go down the Activity list. What makes matters worse is that the posts shown there cannot be opened in a new tab. That means upon clicking on a specific post/link, you cannot go back to the previous list in that time period, which, in effect, makes the whole search process entirely impractical.

If Search were working correctly you could click on the search box and then click on Advanced Options to search by date range, but it isn't producing good results at present. I searched for my own posts within the range Jan 1 2015 to Dec 31 2017 and it found only two posts. I tried searching from the date I joined to today, and it found 816 posts.

Glenn told me the other day that there are problems with the way the site indexes posts, and this is why Search isn't working correctly. He's trying to get it working correctly and build a new index.

How about the links? I think it would be much easier to change the HTML code for the the link of the posts listed on the Activity list so that users can open them in separate tabs.
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