Anna: Who's the ____ girl in the picture?

Dave: She's my sister, Rose. She's 14.

(A) old (B) young

Which option is correct?
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Can you think of a situation in which 14 would be considered old?


At what age can a girl be called an old girl?

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Sitifan, u never call a girl old! Emotion: smile
sitifanWhich option is correct?
OK. I'll bite.

(B) young

I have a feeling this isn't the real question. What's the surprise comeback you have prepared for us?


Please check out the above link and you can see many examples of "the old girl," can't you?
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I looked at just a few items in your link. They were all special cases.

eg Let's discuss the old 'Girl versus Boy" question. This means the question is old, not the girl.

eg She is an old girl of ABC school. This means she is a graduate of ABC school.

I didn't say that you couldn't use the term 'old girl'. It is, for example, a rather rude way to refer to an old woman. I merely suggested that a female of 14 seems unlikely to be described as 'an old girl'.

Best wishes, Clive
sitifanPlease check out the above link and you can see many examples of "the old girl," can't you?
It might be worth your while to find out what each use of "the old girl" refers to. I noticed at least two in which the referents are old buildings, for example.

old is sometimes used as a term of endearment, and that is probably the usage in the majority of the cases you found in that link. It suggests a long-term warm and familiar relationship with someone or something.

What on earth does "young girl" mean? All girls are young, don't they?
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