Hi, I was wondering, whether by any chance , anyone here would know what 'ole blue northern' in verse 3 is, and how it would blow him back to her.

Someday Soon

There's a young man that I know
Just turned twenty-one.
Comes from down in southern Colorado.
Just out of the service
Lookin' for his fun,
Someday soon, going with him someday soon.

Her parents cannot stand him
'Cause he rides the rodeo
They say he's not her kind
He'll leave her crying.
If he asks she'll follow him down
The toughest row to hoe.
Someday soon, going with him, someday soon.

Oh, when he visits her
Her Pa ain't got one good thing to say.
Got a hunch he was just as wild
In his younger days.
Oh, blow you ole blue northern,
Blow him back to her.
He's likely driving back from California.
He loves his damned ole rodeo as much as he loves her.
Some day soon, going with him, someday soon.

Oh blow you ole blue northern,
Blow him back to her.
Some day soon, going with him some day soon
Some day soon, going with him some day soon

Written by Ian Tyson
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Just a cold wind from the north, I think, Barb. I found these cowboy lyrics elsewhere:

You'll ride a black tornado, 'cross the western sky.
Rope an ole blue northern, and milk it til it's dry.
Bull dawg the Mississippi, and pin her ears down flat...
Long before you take this cowboys hat.
Cool. Thanks MisterM. The one I heard was sung by Judy Collins. Gosh her voice was beautiful.
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I love the lyric you cited too; captivating!
A cold wind that blows down towards the U.S border along the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains.
if no one has told you its a slang term cowboys use for the sky
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Try Chris Ledoux
A blue northern is a type of bull (cow).
That's Texas talk for a "cold front". Now, mind you our view of a "blue norther" can be kinda demented. If it's close to 100 degrees and we get a "blue norther" that drops the temps to closer to 90, it's still a "cold front" in our book. Basically it is just any type of "cold front" that is coming from the North that is going to drop our temps.

The Lyric is from Chris Ledux. He's wites and sing cowboy songs as opposed to country western. Garth Brooks did a tribute song to him recently. Anyway Chris was rodeo star years ago and got into recording. Cool live show he even rode a mechanical bull during "Hooked on an 8 Second Ride" 8 seconds being the length of time bullriders have to stay on to get points.

ya take care now
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