What do you think about their decision this morning?

It was a bit of a surprise for me. I expected Paris to win.
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Yep, it was a bit of surprise for me too.

It was a third time failer for Paris.Emotion: sad
What a night Chirac and Blair are going to have in Scotland!
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I was quite surprised too. Chirac's gonna need some stomach-helpers! I hope nobody gave them guns?
yes, quite a surprise and a disappointment. i wanted so much Paris to welcome the olympics games, now I have to keep my hopes for 2016!
What a night Chirac and Blair are going to have in Scotland!
A startling image.

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We also talked about the Olympic game decision with collegues & one of them said that if Paris won thatwould be surprising to her because Paris is an association of love & romantics & Olympics is a totally different association for her:)

Emotion: automobile
Paris is more than love and romance. This is the cliche tourists have of Paris!
Do you think the bomb blasts had anything to do with the Olympic Games issue?
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