Dear friends,
I would like to ask about pronounce the last sounds when speaking. Sometimes, I don't hear the last sound of a word when one says the whole sentence ( they usually omit the last sound of some words we have to pronouce when it comes alone like : economic (the last sound is /k/);
in the whole sentence, : Economic crisis pushes that country into trouble.
I don't hear the /k/ after economic as usual.
Could you please explain this. Should I pronounce like that and will they understand ?

Thank you so much.
The /p/, /t/, and /k/ sounds are often not released completely at the end of a word. (These are called "unreleased consonants".) Let your mouth and tongue form the sound as if you were going to say it, but then stop without saying it completely. It will give the impression that the sound has suddenly stopped before you continue with the next word. That will probably give you the authentic effect you want.

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thanks for your explanation,
How about the others ? Should I pronounce them ? Or is there any exception ? (I mean which onesreleased and which ones not released ?)
Your best bet is to listen carefully and imitate native speakers.
Sometimes b, d, and g may seem somewhat unreleased, but the effect is most noticeable with p, t, and k.