which ic correct? saying on behalf of or in behalf of?
Always on behalf of.

The advice from anon saying 'in behalf of' is correct in some contexts is wrong. It is always 'on behalf of'.
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On top of or in top of?
on top
Yeah, on top. Thanks Suzi. I hope I won' t forget this one. Cheers!
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use IN behalf if you are referring to: for the benefit/interest of another group/person.
use ON behalf of if you are representing/on part of a group.
It is ... on behalf ...

My brother is sick. I'm writing on behalf of my brother.(=I'm writing because my brother cannot write)
I'm a lawyer. I'm acting on behalf of my client. (=My client does not know law)
I'm a doctor. I cannot act on behalf of my patient.
I have a license. I'm driving on behalf my father. He's eyes are not good for night driving.

He is a lawyer and is helping me in a disagreement. He is acting on my behalf in the matter. (=he is representing me).

Did the examples help?

Look at the subject in the second and third person ...

He is acting on my behalf in the dispute, because he is a lawyer.
You are driving on my behalf because I'm not feeling well. If the police stop us, explain them this.
They are a music group. They are performing on behalf of another group. The other group could not come.
A traditional rule holds that in behalf of and on behalf of have distinct meanings. Accordingly, you should use in behalf of to mean “for the benefit of,” as in We raised money in behalf of the earthquake victims. And you should use on behalf of to mean “as the agent of, on the part of,” as in The guardian signed the contract on behalf of the child. But as the two meanings are quite close, the phrases are often used interchangeably, even by reputable writers.
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which is correct in behalf of/ or on behalf of
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