Can you tell me what the responsibilities of an on-campus manager are? I have to translate the position and I'm looking for something similar in my language. The persons works for an On-Campus University Department.
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I've found a job description for you:


Position: On-Campus Manager

Job Purpose: Reports to the Provost, Campus Operations. The Campus Manager is responsible for the leadership and supervision of campus administrative operations, including the management of facilities, designated support services, room scheduling, designated registration-related services, and budgets. The Campus Manager serves as a liaison with campus police and maintenance personnel to ensure campus needs are met effectively, and promotes communication on campus by maintaining mail and distribution services to faculty and staff.

Essential Job Functions

Manages and monitors the campus facility and assigned support services to ensure their effective and efficient operation. Serves as liaison with campus police and maintenance personnel to ensure campus needs are met effectively.
Trains and supervises office support staff including prioritizing activities, monitoring performance, and authorizing expenditures. Also trains and supervises evening and weekend personnel, as well as duplication and custodial services staff.
Facilitates effective campus communication by ensuring posting of services/hours, maintains and publicizes campus calendar, maintains bulletin board postings, and distributes appropriate campus and college materials to faculty, staff, and students as requested. Manages and coordinates campus communications programs to include telephone, ACCNet, and data services, as appropriate.
Assists in the development of campus procedures by collaborating with students and staff, and implements processes in the collegewide Campus Procedures Manual.
Supervises and manages room scheduling in accordance with district-wide procedures.
Provides assistance to students needing schedule information, processing withdrawals or transcript requests, etc.; distributes class rolls, evaluation instruments, and other institutional materials for general distribution to faculty and instructional supervisors.
Supervises and coordinates scheduling in accordance with district-wide procedures.
Ensures access to on-line registration processes, including scheduling and staffing arena payments, on-line registration, financial aid distribution, and student identification card pick-up.
Prepares the budget by collaborating with campus staff to assist in the development of the budget.
Coordinates/plans various campus renovations (i.e., ADA improvements, changes in building designs, etc.), as recommended to supervisors and the AVP, Facilities and Operations.
Approves and coordinates use of facilities by college and community groups, per established procedures.
Maintains faculty/campus mailboxes and services; provides forms and supplies as needed to assist faculty, staff, and students.
Monitors campus food service operations; administers campus vending services, and provides vending refunds.
Distributes/collects paycheck confirmations, faculty evaluation materials, class rosters, and final grade rosters, and issues testing permits and IDs.
Manages parking concerns and minor emergency first aid.
Provides general information to staff and the public regarding campus matters and community relations.
Coordinates with Facilities and Operations and Risk Management safety inspections, drills, and hazard elimination on campus.

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