Is DATA pronounced /deita/ or /da: ta/?

Which pronunciation is more correct and modern?
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"Classic American arrogance"?

Lol! Since WE invented technology in Silicon Valley, and WE get paid billions to keep inventing it here, WE get to pronounce it any way we please!

"Make it so, Mr. Data!"

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-= Living the Arrogant American High Life Here in SV for Over 30 Years =-
Actually, the singular form is datum.
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Just use your phonics. One consonant, long...day-ta, 2 consonants, short...dah-ta, which would be spelled datta. Let the spelling tell you how to pronounce it!
Am I the only person over 50 to write here? It was DAH-TA for years, until the Star Trek Character. People began to say DAY-TA about the middle of the nineties. It's Greek. The A in the greek alphabet has only one pronunciation. Think adidas.
I think it's pronounced day-tah with the vowel 'a' saying it's name. Not datta as in rattle, scatter, battle, etc. I've worked int he tech sector for 20 yrs and it's always been pronounced day-tah until here recently the datta pronunciation has popped up.
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You are wrong sir!
Your Psych professor should stick to psychology. The singular form of data (daytuh) is datum.
singular: datum
plural: data
Both are correctly pronounced using the long A vowel sound.
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Your professor is half right. The correct pronunciation of the plural word is data, or dayta. The correct singular form is spelled datum, and is pronounced daytum.
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