Help me, please!
I've heard this two prepositions used with holidays... how can I use them??

I would say

on Easter day (only one day)
at Easter time (the days near Easter, including Easter itself)
during the Easter season (the same as at Easter time)

You can substitute Christmas for Easter, and the patterns above are still valid.
For all other such days, use only on. on Memorial Day, on Mother's Day, on Labor Day.

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thanks CF!!
I have read the question of calif jim and to be honest i am not good in english. Friend, please help me. I want to know exactly the use of on, in, at, to. I don't even have a consistency in tenses. please help me. I want to have a good job but the problem is, when im front of the interviewer, my tounge twist and don't know how to answer the question. I know what exactly the answer but i am afraid that i might deliver a wrong word. My vocabulary also is very limited. Please tell me if you understand what i am saying right now because I don't know if my english is correct.

Good information. Thanks all

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In Easter

"In Easter" is 100% wrong. Correct option is at Easter (UK) or on Easter (US)