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If someone says "I went there by foot", what images do you have in your mind ?
I know the way of use is wrong, but I'd like you to try to catch how do you feel by the sentence.
Thank you in advance.

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Although it is wrong, I still think of someone walking.

Hi Clive,

Thank you for your reply.
Let me ask you a hypothetical question.
If you have a little child and when he or she used "by foot", you would teach them the correct way of us. But then if the child said to you that "You use "by" when you use a train, a bus or a car. Why do you use "on" when you use your foot ?", what would you say to the child?
I'm very interested in how native speakers teach their children such a simple thing.

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Why is it wrong?
It isn't common usage.

It's unlikely for a child to say something that they haven't heard before.

For this example, I might say that the child is always attached to their feet, and the rest of the body is "on" the feet. The phrase a child would be more likely to use is: "We walked there".

The real answer is that many word choices are arbitrary. Some are in favor, and some aren't.

We can also say: I went there on a bus/train/boat.
Hi, Vorpar

Thank you very much for your advice.
It is very informative and interesting.Emotion: surprise
Again, thank you.

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I'd probably just say eg We dont say X. We say Y.

Hi, Clive

I thought you would say so.
Language sometimes can't be reasoned, can't it ?

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