Hi all,

Is there any difference in meaning(s) of these two sentences, please?

-"We will have a party on Friday night" and "We will have a party on the night of Friday".

Thank you.
With 'on the night of', I would normally expect to see a specific date, for example: on the night of (Friday,) December 20, 2013, and not just 'Friday'.

'on Friday night' is infinitely better here -- at least in my opinion. You could also leave out the preposition.

I would most likely say: We're having a party Friday night.
Laborious"We will have a party on the night of Friday the 1st of January".
Use this only in limited cases:
1) The date is significant. For example, many people are superstitious about Friday the 13th. It is unlucky. So a party on Friday the 13th might mean that people should dress up as scary or outlandish creatures.

2) It is a very formal invitation, such as a Bar Mitzvah, wedding rehearsal dinner, or an exclusive political / charity event.