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I think by now most of your concern is cleared. Let me add this. Ever profession has its terms coined from related early versions. This evolvement of technical terms depend on multitude of reasons. One of them is the ease of reference. Natural development of language has no set rules or terms to follow. People maek language and they themselves twist it in ways that seem practical for his purpose of communication. Tracing the history of an expresion is not always an easy task.

Back ground being so, about your partucular concern, waht I could say is that Tx has a clear tracable history and all other related x's are safe to be thought to have followed the lead.
I don't know officially, but "X" is commonly used in all sorts of standard, speciffic field, related abbreviations, i.e. in mathematics,and most speciffically, algebraic expreesions, "solve for x". Everyone knows it is some number and the letter "X" is used so infrequently in the English language, it became a handy term for meaning the word "number." In aviaition and radio communications, "X" "fills in" the middle or terms pertaining to transmission. "TX" means "transmit" "TXT" can be either "Transmitter" or "Text" ()usually expressed in upper case). A "Transponder" is expressed as "TXP". Oddly, here is were the field of usuage becomes important. In nursing "DX" indicates :"Diagnosis", in radio, indicates "Long Distances." Each field must assume the abbreviation in the correct sentence context. Hope this helps a little.
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What are some common medical abbreviations and provide examples of situation when you would use these abbreviations?
This sounds like homework to me. Please give it a try yourself first, post it here, and we will check your efforts. I'll start you off with my favorite: DOA.

Senate bill to bolster doctors pay DOA

A senate bill set to scrap the payment formula used in Medicare payments failed to pass a senate vote yesterday 53-47.
I've seen Sx used for symptom.
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I believe it has to do with the Greek Language which is where "QD" for instance meaning "every day" in Greek. If your still interested in knowing here is a link I found about the Greek alphabet and how it is used within the practice of medicine today.
It is probable that since Rx was the symbol used for prescription drugs when that system was created in the US in the 1950s, record keeping for what drug was prescribed quickly became Rx. Since X is the first variable you learn to use in algebra, there was a possible logical assumption that the x could stand in for a number of different letter abbreviations - most commonly Hx for history.
Mimicry. Rx may be first, but when I started a medical database libray project I used LxProjects as the name of the project, deliberately following the Rx, Dx, etc. of the industry. I still hold the domain name LxProjects.com in case I get back into this field.
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Sx means "Surgery" in veterinary medicine here in the U.S.
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