The English is my second language and sometimes (many times ... I must say) I have some doubts when using it. I think this forum is a very good initiative and ... here I am asking for some help.

I´m not sure whether to use "in" or "on", for example in the following situations:
- sth is written ... "in the procedure" OR "on the procedure"?
- the information is ... "held on the secured drive"? OR "held in the secured drive"?
- the data is stored ... "in the floppy disk" or "on the floppy disk"?

I would appreciate if someone could provide some clarification regarding this doubt.

Thanks for your time,
"in the procedure", "on the drive", "on the disk".

The procedure is a text of some kind. For such things (books, articles, procedures, instructions, manuals, magazines, newspapers, explanations, texts, paragraphs, sentences, ...) the correct preposition is "in": in the book, in the article, in the sentence, ...

A disk has a flat surface. A drive has many flat surfaces in parallel. For such things which have a flat surface (drive, disk, table, desk, floor, road, sheet, towel, paper, shelf, ledge, window sill, ...) the correct preposition is "on": on the table, on the disk, on the shelf, on the window sill, ...

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Many thanks for your clarification, CalifJim!