I have found in my dictionary two ways on how to write that something took place on July:

"In late July 1914, he and Violet spent a few days with friends near Berwick-upon-Tweed"
"I expect you to report for work on July the twenty-eight."

I wonder why in the first sentence it is written "in July". Does it matter that there is the word "late" ?
Is it correct or maybe it is better to write "on July" as in the second sentence?
How shoul I say "on July" or "in July"?
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i think that whenever there is a representation of the past it's IN followed by that month or year and when it rep. future then it's on that date or month.

can you understand this simple explanation?
In the first sentence, it is referring to a non specific day in the month of July.
In the second sentence, a specific day is given, so it is on July the 28th, the 28th of July, whatever.

In other words, if you are trying to say "sometime during July", you use "sometime IN July". But to refer to a particular day, you would say "on July 24th" or "on the 24th of July" for example. Is that clear enough?
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Great answer. Thanks
Thanks a lot for the answer!

It helped me to understand the difference.


Cássio Tessaro
Thans a lot there are lots of thing in english like that
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that's good
Nika"I expect you to report for work on July the twenty-eight."
This is incomplete. It should be July the twenty-eighth, in American English. In British English, it would be the twenty-eighth of July.
How should i say in july or in july
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