Hello, International Association! Do you celebrate "9 May" in your countries?
Hi Basil,
No we don't (not in NZ nor in Chile). Is that day celebrated in your country? Why?
Hi Woodward! The fascism was defeated in that day 60 years ago. Probably it's the most important celebration in my country. We call it "The Day of The Victory" or "The Great Victory".
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Which is your country ?
How do you celebrate The Great Victory ?
Hello, Robyn Terri! I live in Russia. In that day we congratulate our war-veterans, lay wreathes on graves of the fallen soliders.
I saw on T.V. that there were ceremonies in many European countries, but I think they were yesterday, the 8th.
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In Australia we have a public holiday on 25th April to remember our soldiers. We fly our flags at half mast, have special dawn services, lay wreathes and have marches. We also watch football and have bbq's. But football or cricket and bbq's are standard things to do on any holiday. It has become an important day for national identity.
Yeah, it's the only day the Australian police turn a blind eye to public gambling too. Many people play a game called two-up. That game was very popular with soldiers in the field, because all you need to play is a couple of coins.
What happened in 9th May?
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