friend i'd like to know the diffirence between 2 phrase "on the street" and "in the street" i have no idea when we use "on the street" or "in the street"... plz let me know. i'll thank you very much!(sory for my englihs)
Generally, on the street = touching the surface of the street. in the street = between the sides demarcating the street. But there are many variations, and it's impossible to say without more context. American and British usage differ as well.


Why don't you write a few sentences using "in" or "on" the street according to what you understand. This way we can see where your problems are?
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Hi, Could we have used the singular verb "differs" in your sentence? I think you are using the word "usage" as an uncountable noun. What is the difference between yours and this? New and old equipment needs (need?) to be fixed.

Your sentence in your response:

American and British usage differ as well.

Also, would you say the kinds of verbs used somewhat influence the preposition to be used/chosen?

He plays soccer on the soccer field. He planted seeds in the field.
Anonymous Could we have used the singular verb "differs" in your sentence?
No. Two things always differ from one another, not differs. American (usage) and British usage differ. You have to have two things, or there is no comparison. One thing cannot differ, except from something else. American usage differs from British (usage).

So you can't conceptuatlize American and British usage together as a single unit which differs, because nothing in the sentence is left to say what this combination differs from.

As for the equipment, I would have used need. New (equipment) and old equipment need to be fixed. However, you can conceptualize these as simply equipment and use the singular verb needs. That appears to be what the writer was thinking.

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