Hello there,

I'd like to aks you about the following sentences:

1) I always think that people talk ___ my back about me and my boyfriend. ---> which preposition suits best?

a) behind (I guess that this one)
b) at
c) on

2) I like riding a bik, but two weeks ago I leaned it against the fence and went ___ the pub and someone stole it!

a) inside
b) into
c) in

What's the difference would it make if I used a), b) or c) ?

3) When we go skiing, my father puts the skis ___ the car

a) on top of
b) on the top of
c) on

Again, what's the difference between these 3 answers? Btw. can I ask "what's the difference between those/these 3 answers" or is between restricted to 2 and no more?

best wishes,
Difference is always between two things at a time, even if there are hundreds all together, so it's difference between.
2a,b, or c. The test makers probably want b, but I could be wrong.

3a or b. The test makers probably want a, but I could be wrong.

anyone :- ) ?
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Calif, I'm sorry but I don't quite understand your explanation about difference. As far as I know, something I've learned from this forum, difference though strictly speaking should only compare between two things, it's extendable to more than 2 like the difference between X, Y and Z. I can do a search and provide the link to the thread if that's needed.

Also, Is there any difference between 3a and b?