"you must carry bags on your self" If I say "you must carry bags by yourself" is there a difference between them?

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A determiner such as "the", "your", "these" etc. would normally be used before "bags". In the examples I'll use "the".

The usual form is "You must carry the bags yourself". You could say "by yourself" but normally the word "by" is not required. It suggests that the alternative is carrying them jointly with someone else (not just someone else carrying them).

"You must carry the bags on your self" seems strange. The picture I get is of someone carrying the bags in some unusual way that involves strapping them tightly to their body, or something like that.
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This is from one scene from hotel babylon. The receptionest rejects the customer's order and in return says this.In this occasion does it sounds reasonable?
sunsailThe receptionest rejects the customer's order and in return says this.
What do you mean by "this", Sunsail? And was the "receptionist" someone working in a hotel (where people check in)?
"This" is the part I quoted and of course receptionist in the hotel.
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