Don’t you feel life has changed?
Know you are a bit deranged
Feel it’s a bit too tough
And I will call your buff
I won’t stop and go ahead
With all those thoughts in my head
Being crazy and free from love
I will forget about the world above
And,in fact,I know who I am
But,actually,I don’t give a damn
I’ve killed myself and once again
I end the prayer and say:”Amen”
But do I really believe
That the day will come and I will LIVE
I hate that all cause I’m alive
Life’s done that all just to deprive
Me of that all
In any case,I HAVE a ball!!!
Why can't you book me for your dance?
Don't I deserve even a glance?
You deprived me of it all
You lied to me about my world
You forgot to say the word love
You used me when I didn't know
how sad, how fragile, how naive, my life was.
Stop, stop, my thoughts for you in my head.
Stop, stop, them give them a break.
Will you ever give me a chance?
Hm...looks like you have gone through many problems and one of them was love.
I appreciate your poem.Emotion: smile
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I put a spell on you
When I didn’t even intend to
And now I see you every day
Your look is full of love
But should it be this way?
We both know we can’t be together
My independence is what I need
Perhaps, you could have changed me forever
Though I doubt it could have been
I feel you’re waiting
I feel you are mine
You feel you’re failing
To woo me
That’s right
You keep hanging around
You don’t know what to say
You’ve become spellbound
And I plead with you to go away…
'Once Again' is a lovely poem, Jessica!
Thanks.Now,as you can see,there are two poems but both of them make up one.
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