Hope you like this..

Once again..

Once again I have fought with you
And I swore never to talk to you again
Anytime.. Anymore
But that was so long ago
[Four and half minutes ago to be precise]

And now again
I want to laugh with you
I want to cry in your arms
I want to dream with you
I want to share my crazy thoughts with you

But, no I will not
I will hide my feelings
‘Cause I want you to woo me
With your winsome words
With your bewitching smile
‘Cause I want you to fondle my hair
Like so many times you have done before

I am dying to see
Those sparkling of millions stars
When finally I smile at you
And then I know
You’ll cuddle me in your arms
I will hide my face against your heart
And smile at your sparkling face
And at the trick I played on you

And once again
I will be on the lookout
For another reason to argue with you
For another excuse to fight with you
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incredibly emotional!
Sounds like a typical modern day romance.....and you put it into words!
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I don't like the sentence the trick I played on you. It sounds too familiar to me!
really !!!!
it seems i peeped into your heart !!!!!!!!!
(no ofence please)
yes 'typical modern day romance'..........but some years back.............i did this to 'him', who is my life partner now !
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lol.......as I said Sur.....a typical modern day romance.
Who can honestly say that this hasn't happened to them at some time in there life.
A part of life's growing pains!
Sur, oFFence. Tell me what is it that you "did" to him, dear?I am dying to know.Lol. I suppose you are a woman?
In Chilean Spanish there is a great word to describe you.........COPUCHENTA!!!!!
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