What's meant by tormented in "Black must once again move his tormented queen."(taken from Play winning Chess."
The queen must have been under pressure earlier or threatened repeatedly.

yes, is tormented a ccursing word.
The is a pesian word reading /la'nati./' meaning 'may he be away from god's mercy', but some people say it about anything they hate much.Does it mean that?
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No, torment is not a curse word.
If you checked your dictionary you would see that, in English, the word means: to cause or to experience severe mental or physical suffering. I suppose that you could adapt its usage to a religious context just as easily as you could to a acute episode of gout.
And, was it because she did something wrong?
She has done nothing wrong.

In a game of chess the queen can only move to where the player chooses to put her.
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soheil1his tormented queen
Black's queen, which has repeatedly been put in danger of being taken by White.

It has nothing to do with curse words.