a couple of days ago, a very important exam took place in turkey, which is named "yds". The exam is held to select and place those who want to be english teachers in turkey. So it is of critical importance.

In the exam, there was a question as follows:

....Beijing hosts the 2008 Olympic Games, the people of the world will find a city and a country that has been transformed...

A) Once
B) When

Are two of the choices that were given, among others. We are primarily concerned with these two response choices since we feel that both are viable alternatives for this question. Could you please give us some guidance as why one or both would be an appropriate answer. Thanks in advance for your help!
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The correct answer is "once". "Once" denotes an immediate, big or major noticeable change while "when" just denotes a passage of a time period or interval. e.g.

a) Once the well runs dry, you'd know the water's worth.
b) Once you understand this rule, you'd have no further difficulty.
but the accepted answer is "when".

is it possible to say that "once" and "when" mean the same, though "once" is also similar to "as soon as"?

If you confirm me, then we are planning to make a lawsuit to cancel the question...
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What is written in the latter part of the sentence?
here is the original text:

Two years ago, China joined the World Trade Organization and tariffs began to drop. ----- Beijing hosts the 2008 Olympics, the world will find a city and a country that has been transformed. China is now one of the largest econimies in the world and it is becoming the most significant trading partner of the United States.

A) Once
B) When
In my opinion, as a native English speaker, both words are correct. There is a very slight difference in meaning but it's impossible, from the information provided, to say which is better. My own inclination is to say "when" because "once" is used much less often. "Once" implies a completed action to me.

"Once you've done your homework we'll discuss your pocket money".

But the difference is VERY subtle because it would be equally correct to say:

"When you've done your homework we'll discuss your pocket money".
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I feel this question is tricky. To me it looks like a question of logic, not of grammar. "Once..." is an adverbial clause indicating an unspecific time when some event happens. So, when a speaker say "once ...", he/she does not know exactly when the event happens.
"Once you've done your homework (I don't know when it is exactly), we'll discuss your pocket money".

But in the case of Beijing Olympiade, it is well known that the Olympiade is held in the August of 2008. So "When Beijing hosts the 2008 Olympic Games" is rephrased as "During the time in which Beijing hosts the Olympic Games". It cannot be rephrased as "If/Once Beijing hosts the 2008 Olympic Games".

Thank you all. Much appreciated.

Still would like to receive more evaluation in order to put forward a sound ground for an objection to the test question involved.

many thanks
For me, paco2004 is convincing.

I see 'once' as more suggestive of: 'at the very moment'.

The sentence then would translate weirdly as: "At the very moment that Beijing hosts the 2008 Olympic Games..."

'When' allows for the notion of: 'during the time'. "During the time when Beijing hosts..."
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