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Thanks once more Nona.

I got perfectly your points on AT/ON. I believe I could've said "At the farm" if it was something better described like "I call my uncle and say: I had a nice trip, I'm at the farm already", in this sentense he knows what farm I'm talking about. Right?
Yes that makes sense Lulla.
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LullaI know it's a childish story but I just wrote it to practise some new words I learnt. So, if you could PLEASE check this short and easy going composition I would be really thankfull.
One day in the farm
Last sunday I went to my uncle's farm. It was fun.
I finally got to see some animals I haven't seen in a while: Oxen (pl. of ox), cows, calves (pl. of calf - young cow) chickens, geese (pl. of goose), several species of fish (pl. of fish), sheep (pl. of sheep) and deer (pl. of deer).
For lunch, we had pork, fish, beef, potatoe salad with onions and tomatoes, two big loaves of bread. They didn't have enough cutlery so my brother and I had to take some more knives and forks ourselves in the attic. Wow, aunt Rose really loves chinaware, she has a box full of chinaware, they are all great and I bet they are really expensive. She keeps part of these items in the attic and part of them in the basement: forks, knives, jugs, plates, silverware, tableclothes, mugs, coffeepots and there's even a candlestick!
For deserve, we had mangoes. It was all delicious.
During the afternoon, we swam on the river, played soccer and slept into the cabin. It was all dark inside it, there was just a sheaf of light passing through a hole in the wall. It's great to be near nature. At the end of the afternoon we came back to the city. I can't wait to go there again.

you are the best I really enjoyed reading it #keep_on

you friend ❤