I was reading someone's post on some other forum and bumped into this expression.

One dog, one bone

There isn't much discussion available on this proverb, neither on sites nor in dictionaries. Seems like its use is limited to some small town/region in Britain.

Can anyone help me understand its use please?


Dogs like to have one bone each. If they are not sure who the bone belongs to, amongst themselves, they will get angry and aggressive

If you own more than one dog, the best rule is: one dog, one bone

Metaphorically, it means that you can calm people down by making sure they don't have reason to conflict with each other:

- I asked Sue and Jim to take responsibility for the account, but they're fighting over it
- One dog, one bone

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Your exegesis is excellent, Dave. Thanks!


One husband one wife


This expression means exactly that, or in other words, do not cheat otherwise the dogs will brawl over the bone, or the woman.

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