I would like to one which version is correct?

110$ billion -how to say this amount in English

Can I say one hundred ten billion dollars is spent? or are spent? I have some doubts because dollars can be countable? When can I say dollar or dollars? When can I make dollars plural?
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You would use the plural in this case. One hundred (and) ten billion dollars are spent each year on...
I hope this helps.
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How about one hundred dollar or dollars?
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the answer is One hundred dollars
Today most languages use nouns with plurals after numbers, among some others Hungarian is an exception. Though we also did so a few hundred years ago as a Latin effect (a redundance), today it is incorrect. Is it possible that the same thing is going on in English? Check it on the internet: the bigger the figures are, the more likely it is that users miss the ''s" . What is the reason of this process?. Is it something like the Beatles annoyance: "She's got a ticket to ri-ide, she DON'T care"?