I would like to one which version is correct?

110$ billion -how to say this amount in English

Can I say one hundred ten billion dollars is spent? or are spent? I have some doubts because dollars can be countable? When can I say dollar or dollars? When can I make dollars plural?
layla1234110$ billion

In writing, always put the dollar sign before the number.


You would use the plural in this case. One hundred (and) ten billion dollars are spent each year on...
I hope this helps.
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How about one hundred dollar or dollars?
the answer is One hundred dollars
Today most languages use nouns with plurals after numbers, among some others Hungarian is an exception. Though we also did so a few hundred years ago as a Latin effect (a redundance), today it is incorrect. Is it possible that the same thing is going on in English? Check it on the internet: the bigger the figures are, the more likely it is that users miss the ''s" . What is the reason of this process?. Is it something like the Beatles annoyance: "She's got a ticket to ri-ide, she DON'T care"?
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The Beatles' She don't care has absolutely nothing to do with your original question

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