Hi mates! I heard that the Cambridge Proficiency won´t admit "one time" as a good use of the language in most cases. Well, could a native speaker (or excellent english speaker) tell me what´s wrong with saying " I have been going to the pub one time a week so far"... Newzelanders use it a lot (although they go to the pub a lot more than ONCE a week!). Does it sound wierd to you?
I would like to say that sometimes it does slip out by accident (maybe because of going to the pub so much). I consider ONCE as correct though if I'm talking to a friend in NZ and they say 'one time' I wouldn't think that their grammar is incorrect or bad or whatever, nobody speaks perfect grammar all the time and I'm sure that this 'one time' instead of 'once' appears in some other countries too. BUT if you are going to do the exam, make sure you only write ONCE.
In the context that you wrote, it does sound strange because of the 'so far'.
By the way, I'm from New Zealand. Are you in NZ at the moment Joros?
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Woodward. No, I am not in NZ anymore. I lived there during 2 years, in ChCh but I came back to Spain 8 months ago.
Where about in NZ are you from?
Not any particular city. My family was a bit nomadic. The last city I lived in was Tauranga, but I've also lived in Auckland, Hamilton, Gisborne, Christchurch, On a farm in the middle of nowhere...