( Attila Jozsef, translation by P. Sz.)

The slushy snow’s thickening, the eaves starting to drip,
Blackened pile is the ice, it’s fainted, it fades away,
Fluid bubbles out, ripples towards the drain, flowing,
Away is the light joy, the heavenly height trembles a bit,
And happy desire throws its shirt with flush over the morning.

Do you see how fearing- awaking I love you, Flora?
In this chatty beautiful thawing you loosen off the moan
of my heart, as bandage of a wound- I’m tingling again to
hear the roar of the flood of your eternal name, delicate sunshine,
and I’m shivering seeing that I’ve lived without you.
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I agree with you. I love the combination of nature and feelings. It gets deep down. By the way, first line "eaves" I suppose you mean "leaves".
I like its musicality, too.
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Eaves is not leaves. Buy a dictionary Maj. If you moderate an ESL forum. Or have a kit kat.
well, you are right but I am not moderating anything so don't worry about it. I'll have a kiwi, instead.
Favourite exotic fruit?
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yeah, one of them. Passion fruit is another. Do you have any really passionate poems, peter?
I had one with explicit sex , but I don't know if I can find it now., it's on a paper. The last line was something like : " ... on your lips white stream of pleasure.'" Someone liked it a lot. But since I don't intend to publish passionate things ( 'cos i'm a teacher ) I don't write.
lol. I was talking about passion! you know passion!
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