Next to the main building sits a guesthouse in which Dr Khan used to entertain his friends and contacts, including many of the Western businessmen who worked closely with him.

Now, the guesthouse is the site of the security detail that monitors Dr Khan's movements and ensures there is no unauthorised contact between him and the outside world.

One of the few people who had been allowed to visit regularly was his daughter Ayesha.

But for the past five weeks, she has been unable to enter her father's house.

No other family members are allowed to visit.


1) One of my friends is coming to visit to me tonight.

2) One of my computers is only for running Solaris operating system.

In the above passage, you will read the words 'One of the few people who had been allowed to visit regularly was his daughter Ayesha.

I think it should be 'One of the few peoples who had been allowed to visit .......

I would like to read your comments on this.
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«People» is plural itself: it denotes a number of men.
I got your point. Thank you.
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it denotes a number of men and/or women, of course.

Can't «man» denote both sexes?
What are other synonyms for «human»?
Man can mean both sexes when you talk about "the history of man" or "man's effect on nature" in the very broad sense. Mankind is synonymous for humankind.

If you say "one man" or "the man" then you mean one adult male.

Men always means a plural number of males. If you say "Three men were waiting" that means they were all male. "People can mean a lot of men" is too limited. People means more than one person, but necessarily more than one man.
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Things have changed since the 1700s:

<all men, both male and female -- David Hume>
Yes, Marius, they have. Today it would have been written "All mankind" or "All people."
How can I say «three humans»?

1. «Three people» seems ok.
2. «Three men and women» may be understood as if there were six humans totally.
3. «Three men or women» may be thought as of three men or three women, not say one woman and two men.
4. «Three creatures, each of them being either a man or a woman» — the most unambiguous and the most terrible for me...

Is it right?
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