Hi guys,
may I ask you for help with one situation? I just saw one episode of on excellent crime TV show called Monk and I can't get out my head one scene...Context: Mr.Monk doesn't want to pay out his janitor. That janitor is a woman ans she's screaming at him...

Mr.Monk: I wish I could you give the money. If it were up to me.
Janitor: Of course it's up to you.
Mr.Monk: I need you to use your inside voice. (Is he saying her....Ask yourself, why I can't give you the money? Or is this some kind american way of saying...Be quiet? I'm missing the point here..:-(
Janitor: What. Oh, my god! God!
Mr.Monk: I'm a little short of cash right now, okay? But I'm good for it. You know I'm good for it. Just keep track. ( Good for what? I'm again confused here...Is he saying...But I'll pay you later because it seems that I got the solution of my money problem. Or is he saying just...But I'll pay you...I'll pay you...Please what's the point here?

Janitor: Yeah, I have been keeping track. It's over $1,800, mr. Monk.

thank you in advance for your help...
Best Regards
We love Monk in our house. Very funny show.

You tell children who are shouting to "use their inside voice." Out on the playground, you can shout, but inside (or in a car) you have to use a conversational tone. Not only is Mr. Monk telling this lady to keep her voice down (don't shout) but he's using a term we use with children to do so.

I'm good for it - This means that you can trust me to come up with the money, although I won't pay you now.

But are you sure "janitor" is the right word to use her? A janitor is someone who cleans a public facility, like a school or an office buidling. I don't remember any episode in which Mr. Monk owns an office building.
GG thanks!!!!!!!!!! For the answer and correction...I used incorrect word for her...Emotion: embarrassed You're right. On the second thought, housekeeper lady is the right word, isn't it?
thank you again.

Best Regards
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A housekeeper is someone who works in a house. A janitor is someone who works in a public buidling.

But you're not referring to Natalie are you? Natalie is his personal assistant.
ooops, I apologize for the typo in my previous post.."Is this some kind american way...."...I should have written "Is this some kind of american way of...."...I'm sorry.....
Grammar Geek.

But you're not referring to Natalie are you? Natalie is his personal assistant.

Ah, you're maybe right. It was my first Monk episode. So I thought Natalie Teeger is Mr.Monk's housekeeper...Emotion: smile So thank you for information...Emotion: smile Btw I really enjoyed that episode...Maybe I'll translate it as english training. I didn't hear there slang, so it should be much more easier then watching Californication.Emotion: smile.

Best Regards to Pensylvania and thanks.
You'll enjoy Monk, I think!
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I'm a Monk fan too, although I've only seen the earlier seasons. I think it would be good for practicing English. We'll be happy to help you with anything you don't understand.